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8 videos added to English Mansion

I have uploaded 8 new videos from the English Manion which are extremely hot in my eyes….

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Fiction Menu Added

I have added a new section to the site devoted to fictional stories that you can read…

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Live Video Feed added

I have installed a live feed that streams real time video of the “Dirty City” in secondlife…

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new captioned sissy videos added

i have uploaded all kinds of new sissy captioned videos as well as some misc ones. The…

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Original Pencil Sketchings uploaded

Today I uploaded some of my earliest work before there was computers. Very rough at the time,…

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futa morphed shemale in bondage

Morphed Shemales in Bondage

When paintshopro7 came out back in the 90’s I discovered the art of morphing photos and all…

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English Mansion Videos

English Mansion has been kind enough to give me a bunch of fetish sissy related video for…

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Cheating Husbands Animated gifs uploaded

what happens when a husband treats his wife with disrespect and holds more things above their relationship…

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Videos Added

a library of videos about and for the sissy world covering hypnosis, pmv, stories, captions, and more…

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Captioned Animations

A ton of animated gifs showing the many fetishes of the sissy world with a theme to…

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Captioned Art

We know you love captioned images of things so have a look around and enjoy the art…

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