Help Wanted – Chapter 1

by Dollar Garnet

As with every week for the last few years, once Friday came and the work
week was finished, Paul would come home to his boring apartment, fix
dinner and do what he did every weekend.

Once dinner was over, he would take a hot bath with feminine products and
wash the week away of his manliness

After that he would put some makeup on and wig and dress up like a pretty
sissy to start his weekend.

He would do what he did every weekend and get on his laptop and fantasize
and wish he could do something more, always seeing other sissies enjoy a
full time life of being a girl.

Recently he had gone as far as signing up to a local sissy fetish site in
hopes to find something he could do that would not interfere with his
privacy and remain in secret as a sissy.

This particular weekend, he checked his email and saw an email from the
site he had signed up on reading what the letter said thinking it was
just going to be another ad to buy more things that he couldn't afford
with his meager income.

But what he read in this email was something he had never had seen

The Sissy Academy is now hiring for a maid
For light duty work and more.
If you are a sissy and would like to see what
We offer, we would love to hear from you.
Call 555-555-5555

He read it over and over not believing what he just read, only thinking
about the possibility that he could do something finally instead of
staying home all weekend just looking at sissy porn and fantasizing.

His mind raced and had to click the link in the ad to see more.

His eyes and mind were whirling with all the sissies in the pretty maid
outfits not believing this could be true.

Could it be true? Did he just find a way to get out and live like a
pretty maid as a girl for the first time?

For the next hour he could not think about nothing else but for some
reason he had to find out if this was legit.

So after finally getting up the courage, he called the number and asked
about the ad.

And what he heard made his heart very happy.

They were so nice to him and told him that they knew what he was going
through. They told him he didn't need to be worried and that they would
keep his identity secret.

They said that if he would like to just come in and see them they would
be very happy to meet him and show him the academy. They said he could
dress here and that he could come as a male so nobody would know.

He said he wanted to come for the interview and they gave him the address
and told him to come right now if he could, that they were there and no
other interviews were scheduled.

After he hung up the phone, he pondered for a bit still wondering if this
was really happening and was it the thing he needed.

So calling a taxi he went to the address that was given to him, nervous
about what he was going to encounter.

After knocking on the door of the academy, the door was opened by a real
sissy and was so pretty that he felt his male cock twitch just seeing

"Come on in hon, and welcome," she said to him.

"I assume you are the one that the Mistresses are expecting for the maid
position interview."

Paul nodded showing the sissy he was and the sissy smiled at him

"You will love it here," she told him with a hint of an evil grin.

"You will need to change though before you can be interviewed, it is a
requirement of the Mistresses. She motioned to me to follow her and Paul
did so obediently.

"Do not worry hon," the sissy said, "the Mistresses do know how you are
feeling and will make sure you get to finally feel what it is like to be
a sissy".

The sissy took Paul to a room and pointed to a pink satin maid's outfit
on the bed. "They have asked that you put that on as well as the heels in
the corner and the wig, and the make up."

"When you are done and ready, ring that bell and I will come and escort
you to the office of the Mistress that will meet you and start your
interview," the sissy told Paul.

The sissy left the room and shut the door leaving Paul by himself with
the outfit and the girly stuff.

Paul was so nervous, but his heart told him this was it and if he didn't
do what was just asked he may never get an opportunity again.
So without further adieu, Paul got dressed and rang the bell shaking in
the tall 6," hot pink high heels and pink outfit.

The sissy that left him alone in the room came and opened the door and
smiled at Paul.

"You a hot little bitch," she giggled, making Paul feel embarrassed.

"The Mistresses are going to love you honey," she giggled more motioning
to Paul to follow her.

Still shaking he followed her struggling to walk in such high heels and
looking as pretty as he felt.

The sissy took him to a door and knocked. A voice inside he heard made
him even more nervous hearing a Female that had a voice of authority
telling the sissy to enter.

The sissy opened the door and motioned Paul to go on in, giving him
another evil grin that he thought was unusual.

Nervously he entered the office and held his eyes to the ground so
frightened of what the Woman he heard thought of him and did he just make
the worst decision of his life.

"Don't be frightened, hon, she said, just relax." She spoke to him with a
hint of Love he felt.

"You are a very pretty sissy maid," she said to him. "Look at me,," she

Paul, still shaking, raised his eyes to her and saw the most beautiful
female he had ever seen in his life.

"Turn around for Me," she said, "and strut like a good sissy."

After hearing her authority, Paul immediately did as She asked and
strutted the best he could and twirled for her.

"That's a good sissy."

She sternly looked at him and told him to always refer to every Mistress
here as "Mistress"

She told him they would call him whatever they wanted to.

"Before we go any further I need you to sign this waiver form"

She gave him a pen and told him that he did not need to read over it,
that they would go over it later.

So paul signed it and felt her laugh a bit and wondered what the hell he
just signed.

She spoke again, "Now, whore, we don't really do interviews for the
job...instead we want to make sure you understand your role here is going
to be"

Paul heard the Mistress calling him a whore and suddenly wondered what
was going on here.

The Mistress stood up and walked over to him and pointed to the floor.
"On your knees, whore".

She then slapped his face hard making sure that he knew She just gave him
and order.

Paul fell to his knees wishing he never came here

"Clean my boots with your mouth whore and show me what good maid you

And he did now frightened of what he got himself into.

"Good whore," the Mistress said.

"You are going to fit in just right whore," she said.

And then reached to her desk hitting the bell on it.

Her office door swung open and there was that same pretty sissy he first
met smiling down at him watching him lick the Mistress's boots.

"Take our new whore down to Mistress G's office like a good sissy."

Smiling the sissy said, "This way love," motioning Paul to follow her.

Paul did so hoping where he was going was nothing like he felt was a

"You are going to have fun here," the sissy said, giggling at him.

Down the hall the sissy knocked on another door waiting for the voice of
another Mistress telling her to enter.

The sissy swatted paul's ass smiling. "Get your ass in there"

Going in trembling he seen another Mistress as beautiful as the first.

"What's my name bitch," she said.

Shaking paul said, "Mistress."

"Good bitch," she said.

Now you are going to clean my boots.

She motioned to the sissy to the things on her desk. "Put it on the

"Now get to cleaning mine, bitch."

She said to him that he better get used to this life and reminded him
about the paper he signed.

"You did agree to this job and signed the part that said this is what you
want for the rest of your life," she stated.

Paul's mind went blank knowing now he made the worst decision of his life
coming here.

Than the door swung open and several other sissy's came in and grabbed
him, dragging him to the room next door.

They quickly put him on a pole and locked him to it laughing.

"Get used to it sissy," they laughed, slapping his cock.

Then his cock was locked up in a chastity device as they laughed saying,
"You won't need this any more."

Then just as quick as they dragged him to the room, they left laughing at

He struggled in his bonds for what seemed like hours trying to wiggle a
bit but only found he was now in deep shit.

His mind raced of images of sissies in the same predicament he now found
himself in.

What happened next was something that made him realize his life as a
normal person was now over.

He was then shown the paper he signed and was told that he signed a
contract that he agreed that his old life was no more and he would never
again be able to leave the academy and that he was now the property of
the Academy.

He was shown that all his bank accounts were now the property of the
academy and he was now the academy's bitch and would be treated like one.

A Mistress spoke up and told him that he knew this is what he desired
anyway and to stop thinking about his past and to start living a new life
that only was to please the Mistresses here.

Paul finally just gave in and slumped, realizing he would never again see
his old life again and thought about the phrase, "Be careful what you
wish for," crying wishing he would have never opened that email.

To be continued... homepage

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