Me in Second Life

Dollar Garnet


“art is one of the things a sissy and fetish community loves most about it. there must be a place to enjoy all of it”

sissylust.com was created for the sole purpose of giving the fetish sissy community a place they could visit and see the art made for them and about them. An archive to host the many forms of the art like videos, animations, literature, and more. We hope you like it here and perhaps be inspired or motivated by what you see.

I am Miss Dollar Garnet from second life where I make My home. I do live a life that loves to be around sissies and all the cock I can feed them. I run the “Dirty City” in second life where the people are forced on the streets of the ghetto and made to learn how to earn their keep by being whored out by anyone. We do enjoy rlv play as well and keep the whores locked in the disgusting bathrooms to suck any and all cocks.. I am a black Mistress in second life and enjoy the role play that we have. The art and galleries that I do is mostly based on the fetishes I love to live. If you do want or come to second life, I would love to meet you.

I first started creating fetish sissy art some 30 years ago with just pencil and paper and would draw 100’s of images over a weekend. I started finding artists on the web that drew the same subject matter that I loved so much and would study them greatly.

I have never lost the need to create fetish sissy art no matter what the media is and still to this day keeps on finding more ways to do it and share it. Please visit my social media sites and see more of what I do. most of my story videos are to big to upload here. Please friend Me on the social media sites you are in to.

And if you ever want to visit me in second life, please feel free.

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